Welcome to Channel Cast!

Channel Cast is my personal convenience project, so if you're not me, you should go away. But in case you've stumbled upon this page by accident, I'll explain why it's here:

I am a big fan of Marco Arment's podcast player, Overcast. One of the many reasons is the existence of two related features: Voice Boost and Smart Speed. Together, these effects quietly take out silences from audio and boost the frequencies associated with human speech, making it faster and easier to listen to audio.

Unfortunately, not everyone wants their audio to be a podcast, and one of the most common places for audio content is now YouTube. (I don't really have to create a link to that here, do I? Come on.) I personally have lots of YouTube channels I'd like to keep up with, and while I could pay $12/month for YouTube premium and then background all the videos, I'd rather not. That means using a ton of mobile data to download videos and using a ton of battery because I can't lock my phone. It's incredibly annoying.

In an attempt to kill many birds with one stone, I created Channel Cast to store mp3 copies of my favourite youTube channels along with their associated podcast feed. Now, I can use Overcast (or any other podcasting app) to easily subscribe to my self-created podcast versions of these YouTube channels and listen to them. I get all the effects available to me in a podcast app, I get background playback, I get really low data usage, and I can download them. Plus, I'm already in Overcast a lot more than I ever use the YouTube app, so having everything unified is great.

And here's where the Go away, everyone part comes in: I'm a tiny bit respectful of people's content, so I don't want to just give any random person access to the feeds stored here. I also don't have the hard drive space for even a tiny fraction of the content on YouTube, converted to audio or not. And lastly, the processing time to convert long YouTube videos to mp3 is not insignificant, especially on this low-cost VPS. So unfortunately, I'm not sharing this one unless I really, really like you.